Since 1942, three generations of dentists

The Echeverría Dental Clinic, after 70 years at your service, is one of the longest-standing clinics in Spain.  Currently, our medical team consists of four specialists and a clinical consultant, who between them cover all the different branches of dentistry and who have been trained to work as a team.  At our centre, you will always be attended by the same dentists, all with a three year Masters Degree in the specialty they treat and all collaborating professors of the Adult Integrated Masters Degree at the University of Barcelona. When coming to the Echeverría Dental Clinic you will be able to verify our conservative and responsible approach, where neither false expectations nor needs are created, thereby providing a pleasant sensation of trust.

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Dental whitening

The colour of the teeth is genetically predetermined.  However, the passage of time, eating habits (coffee, tea…), toxic habits (smoking, alcohol…) and the use of certain medications (tetracyclines…), may all...

Is there any difference between metal br…

In terms of the effectiveness of the treatment there is no difference between either of the braces, the difference is simply to be found in the material with which they...

Is there any age limit for orthodontics?

There is no type of age limit, always providing the state of dental and gingival health allows us to perform the treatment. To perform orthodontic treatment, the state of periodontal...