The passion for dentistry arouse in the Echeverría family more than 70 years ago and it has passed on from father to son for generations until it has reached Dr. Ana Echeverría, the current director of the centre. Since 1942 we have learned to listen to our patients, to offer them only the best solutions and take care of them with the highest commitment, with the most innovative treatments and the specialists that share our way of working.

We founded the centre in a time when few dared to start a project, we were the first in Spain to travel to the USA to study a master degree and we were the ones to introduce the minimally invasive periodontal treatment in the 80s. We are pioneers by nature and we want to continue providing to our patients all the energy, expertise and professionalism that has defined us during generations.


Echeverría dental clinic provides the most complete offering of top line treatments. The first visit is free and our professionals will strive to obtain a precise diagnostic and define the best treatment for each patient in every situation.

Since 1980, Echeverría has been a pioneer in Spain in the treatment of periodontal diseases. Amongst other treatments, we also specialize in implants, orthodontics and dental aesthetics.


Periodontal diseases are infectious processes that attack the tissues that support the teeth (bone and gum) with a final result, that without treatment, could lead to the loss of the teeth. However, these diseases have treatment protocols well defined, with predictable and stable results in the long term, provided that the patient follows the appropriate treatment.

Dr. J. J. Echeverría was the first Spanish dentist to go to the USA to study a Dental Master Degree(1979), and the centre is pioneer in Spain in treating periodontal diseases. The Echeverría periodontal philosophy, that follows the dictates of the Michigan and the Scandinavian Schools, is committed to a conservative and minimally invasive practice. Moreover, the dental clinic specialises as well in the treatment of the problems associated with the periodontal diseases such as long teeth, asymmetrical gums, gummy smile or exposed roots.


The placement of implants is a surgical procedure that implies inserting a titanium screw inside the bone, a piece that will later on hold a prosthesis with the shape of a dental crown. Usually it is a minimally invasive procedure that is carried out under local anaesthesia and with a postoperative that in general does not imply complications. Once the implant is placed, it is necessary to wait between 2 and 4 months to be able to do the prosthesis. However, there are specific cases where the placement of the tooth can be immediate, especially when rehabilitations are completely done, whether maxilla or jaw.

At Dental Echeverría Clinic we consider that the dental implants are never an aim in itself but a mean to replace lost teeth or with a bad prediction that must be removed and changed. The priority is and will always be the health and wellness of the patient, this is why we make efforts to treat and preserve the original tooth before having to sacrifice it.

Cosmetic dentistry

Obtaining a whiter teething, closing spaces between teeth, changing shape and size or just improving the appearance of the smile are increasing demands nowadays. Meeting those demands requires not just a long term and customized contact with the patient, but also a specific expertise to avoid creating false expectations.

At Echeverría cutting-edge materials and techniques are available to the patient to improve the appearance of his or her smile. In most of the cases, the collaboration of all the specialists of the centre is necessary given that the treatments can include the cleansing of the gum (periodontology area), a phase of invisible orthodontics (adults orthodontics area) and, finally, the use of whitening or veneers techniques to give to the teeth a younger appearance.

Whitening can be performed in a single session at the clinic, followed by an additional week of home treatment. Results will vary with each patient’s habits (smoking, drinking, heavy consumption of coffee or tea…). Nowadays, the most common treatment is at home, using splints which contain the whitening chemicals. This option proves to be more effective, increasing the whitening effect while it can be tailored to each patient’s needs, specific tooth enamel and evolution.

In general, whitening techniques are harmless for teeth and gums when they are applied on healthy tissues. For this reason, a dental prophylaxis must be performed a week before the whitening.

This alignment technique uses removable and almost invisible aligners that are custom made for maximum comfort. Teeth are gradually aligned until they aligned their final correct position. Invisalign is comfortable, transparent and removable, transforming the patient’s smile without disturbing his everyday life.


Porcelain: they are thin pieces that are used to recreate the natural appearance of the teeth, and at the same time they provide a strength and resistance similar to the natural tooth enamel. Often this kind of material is the one chosen by those who are looking for seeking small changes in the position or to vary the shape, size or colour of the tooth. These veneers are made by the fusion of very thin ceramic layers that melt handcrafted producing the shape and texture of the enamel. Porcelain veneers do not need follow-up visits.

Composite: they are made by a resinous material that sticks on the dental surface perfectly, disguising the bad position of teeth, the asymmetry of the smile, little fractures or teeth with different colours. Unlike porcelain veneers, in that case covers are placed directly over the tooth without the need of eroding it. But they require some follow-up visits to adjust some details, such as the brightness.


Orthodontics in adults is a routine treatment minimally invasive, this is why it is not necessary to remove the dental structure. It is a biologically healthy option that must be taken into account in many cases.

Recently we have added to our treatments a new system of transparent orthodontics, known as Invisalign®, specially suited for those patients looking for appliances that can be unnoticed. Invisalign is a system capable of aligning the teeth by means of guides or transparent splints.

The main advantages of Invisalign versus the conventional orthodontics are its aesthetic benefits and the fact that, given that it is removable, it can be withdrawn during meals and to brush the teeth. Invisalign is the best treatment for adult patients with high probabilities of having gum diseases because it reduces the periodontitis and gingivitis risk.

Pediatric dentistry

The best moment to compensate possible problems in the position of the teeth is the childhood and preteen years. During this period of the development, bones have not yet concluded its process of growth and orthodontia can improve the prognosis of the treatment in the long term. A diagnosis on time can lead to better treatments and with higher probabilities of success. At Echeverría we have qualified specialists with expertise in the treatment with children, something that is essential due to the specific considerations that the relationship with kids has.  In that way the dentist turns the visit to the clinic into something pleasant that can improve the kids wellness in the long term.


Painless treatment

The wellness of our patients is our main concern. That is the reason why we provide them, if they want it, with two kinds of sedation: intravenous and with nitrous oxide.

Intravenous sedation is a system that allows facing without fear or anxiety any kind of dentistry intervention, especially those that require surgery. It is a controlled state of anaesthesia that maintains all the reflexes of the patient and keeps him able of reacting in front of physical or verbal stimulus.

For less invasive cases, where the patient only seeks to be calm, we offer the nitrous oxide sedation or conscious sedation. This kind of treatment is more superficial than the intravenous sedation and it consists on inhaling gas through a mark until the patient feels a well-being sensation. The effect of this kind of anaesthesia is over just 7 minutes after its inhalation


In our dental centre we have cutting-edge dentistry diagnosis technology thanks to the incorporation of a new X-ray machine that allows taking 3D radiographies with a minimum radiation and in a digital format.

This kind of technology is not very frequent in dental clinics and allows obtaining high quality radiographies to plan the implant treatments in particular and all the other dentistry treatments in general.

The acquisition of the new New Tom de Giano machine is an added value for our patients given that it avoids having to go to specific radiology centres.


At Echeverría we are proud of our team of highly qualified professionals, who stand out especially for their human values: extraordinary people that will strive to make our clients feel at home.